Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Surprise Party, an Aunt, and a Funeral

Wow what a journey, a road trip that the planning started last year in August. Mom was turning 55. A surprise party it was. She didn't know I was coming back to Nebraska, she didn't know her sister and brother in law were coming back to Nebraska, and she didn't know we had a GIANT surprise party planned for her. The invitations were sent with strict orders....it was a surprise. Dad intercepted the mail with ease and she didn't realize that cards might be coming in the mail for her.

With the plan laid out, I began my journey back to Nebraska via car on Wednesday evening. The plan was to make it to OKC and stay the night there. Well, crinkle number one in the plan was that there is not any hotels on the north side of OKC. Once I did find one and went in, I was told my dogs were too big, pound sand. So, FINALLY around midnight, I found a place to lodge with the two pups. Since it was late and I had already talked to my brother & dad earlier in the night, I shut the ringer off and attempted to get some shut eye.

Well, I had to get up with the beasts at 5 because they need some bathroom time. I finally got up before 9 and already had a message from dad...but something in his voice was VERY different than the night before. It wasn't my imagination. They say God works in mysterious ways or maybe it was Grandma just waiting for all her Grand kids to be home, but God made the call and Grandma Schmidt went to join Grandpa, Roy and Brennan in Heaven.

After discussions with the family, it was decided that the surprise party would go on. DC was helpful in giving me airfare prices since my mom was demanding that we start looking at flights. I had to hurry to my parents house and check the mail since my dad was in Columbus helping with the funeral plans. I wish I would of video taped my mom walking in the door. The dogs greeted her and she kept saying "What are you two doing here" and the look on her face was priceless. The tears came with the "Happy Birthday."

Fast forward to later in the night when her sister and brother in law came around the back of the house and said Happy Birthday. It was the best birthday ever for her. I was able to cover Friday morning saying I was going to see friends and lunch with old co-workers so Trav & I could shop for food and prepare everything. We managed to get her out of the house and back for the Surprise without her every knowing.

The party didn't go as late as it probably would of since most of the family headed home early to prepare for Grandma's funeral. By the time dishes were done, it seemed like almost all were gone. But, my nephew was still there. Yep - I'm an aunt and can officially say it. Shane is a dad, a little boy, Gage Francis born on April 17th. He is a doll and I continue my speciality of putting the babies to sleep.

My trip was extended a day so I could make Grandma Schmidt's funeral. However, I think Grandma deserves her own post and I'll have to do that tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to get some zzzzzz's like the pups did all day!

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Rockin Austin said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma. May she rest in peace. ((HUGS))