My Peeps

Since I am giving out so many names these days, I thought it would be nice to summarize who they are and where they fit in my life.

Runner - I believe it is best to give her the props of my first true friend in Texas!  We met online on the WW board from Austin.  Our offices actually were a stone's throw away from each other.  She was my training partner when I was doing tri's and today I occasionally ride with her because I got her hooked doing Tri's!  Plus, she also now my coworker at Xplore!

Unicorn  - Oh I do not know if life can give me enough words to describe the Unicorn.  If you know her on Facebook, you know her profile picture is a Unicorn.  See female (IT) engineers are the mythical creature of the 21st century, according to her, hence she see's herself as the unicorn.  To meet her is to love her.  She has now also been commonly referred to as my roommate since March 2014.  We have joked we make the best non-gay couple in the world.  We get along tremendously well and have agreed that should we ever have to "break up" we will have ruined all roommate living for any future parties.  She is in the National Guard based out of Austin, does a lot of traveling with the National Guard doing nerdy IT things and wants to go back to school to get her PhD.  She is originally from Puerto Rico.

DC - My good friend that lives in Washington DC.  We met a zillion years ago on a website for weight loss.  No idea what it was but in some way shape and form, we became good friends.  I have visited her on the east coast and she visited Texas for my big Triathlon!  DC has the distinct privilege of getting first info on new dates and appropriately assigning them their names.

 HairDresser - Where would life be without that confident, the hair dresser.  You know, they are stuck with you for an hour or two at a time and listen to your life's troubles!  Although, I will say mine rocks and I love her to death!  Of course, my mom also gives her stamp of approval because my hair is long!

Skinny Biotch - She is one of my Lowe's peeps and I love her to death!  She gets the name because she is stick thin and is always about going to the gym and riding my ass to go.  I also refer to her at the Biotch because when she first came to our store, I was afraid of her!  She had such a tough exterior, I was afraid to say anything.  Haha!  But we both have a lot in common in that we are both single ladies owning our own home and get all that comes with it!

RN - My new, now former, roommate that is from Mississippi and is a registered nurse in the ICU.  We have opposite shifts and I work M - F and she works Sat & Sun.  She spends most of the week at the guy she dates apartment, so really don't see her much.

Grace, Gwen & Harriet - I met these lovely ladies at NFP.  We are all so different in so many regards and so similar in others. I always had the ability to talk to them at work. I saw them everyday. However, it wasn't until I left that realized how important these girls were. It was after I left that there was more than just work and as I told them last night, I think they become deeper relationships after leaving because you don't have that age old talk of how crappy work is to fall back on. I've moved on and have grown from it.  Grace has the privilege of traveling to Campo de Country.

ATM - Well ATM was one that I thought would be a keeper.  However, maybe it was the fact that he had no family left in his life that made him feel like he always had to be dating at least two girls at a time.  No matter what, he could never been honest.  He achieved deceit through his answers all the time.  18 months lost and someone a felt was a best friend lost, but at the end of the day, I don't need a dishonest person in my life even as a friend.

NoDIY - [RIP 6/2015] I thought this guy was one that had real potential. Super nice guy, we spent hours on the phone. We went out on a few dates and things seemed okay. Then there was the date we went out for drinks and afterwards we went over to his friends house. The plan was to get into the hot tub. Unfortunately it never heated up and everyone trickled out. NoDIY stayed up to make sure that the fire burned out okay, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up about 3 am to find that he was no longer alone and that the Hot Tub must of heated up because he was now in there with 3 girls that hadn't been around all night. Long story short - no more dating for us. However, he is still going to be handyman.  Then foolishly 9 months later we reconnected and some how ended up living together.  Oh, if I could get those 18 months back that I was with him.  He wasn't near as bad as the EX but he was getting there.  According to him, our relationship ended with me at 212 lbs.  I assure you I might weigh more than I need to but I have never seen that weight!

Ex (He has to be last) - I believe this is the nice name I use for the guy I moved to Texas with. My family has a list of names they would like to use and I don't think I can repeat them, even my Momma's names! I have not heard or spoke to him in over a year and he might still be in Texas, I don't know, nor do I care.

Former guys that have been mentioned and/or I have dated:

Trouble – T is still around, just as a friend. He works a crazy insane amount and hasn’t really been in Austin since the first of the year. He is going to be in Dallas for the next month if that tells you anything.

6th Street Guy - this is a flash back to one of my first dates in Austin. This guy - well he thought it would be FUN to go to 6th Street for a second date on a Friday night. Just think 'O' Street times 4 for a second date. Priceless.

BB - Babies & Baggage - this guy well you needed Cliff Notes to keep track of his life. The two babies with two different mommas and then two different wives but they weren't both the baby momma's. As one expects - it didn't go past the first date.

Childish Games - really this one never got to a face to face and I am so okay with that. See he felt it was childish that I wouldn’t guarantee someone would have sex on the first date. Hmmm, it’s about respect and really at the end of the day – YOU are childish.

No name - I never really talked to this guy, just had a message from him but it was enough to warrant the Top 10. BTW - I deleted the message and just never responded to it. All you need to know is that he was in an Open relationship and they were looking for a third person.

The Adulterer - Yep that is what he was. After a day chatting with him via Instant Messenger, he says to me, “I have something that I should tell you but I don’t want to scare you away.” Okay – well that translates to "You have to tell me". Yep – in a nutshell – he was married and just was looking for sex cause he didn’t get enough at home. Needless to say – I said pound sand – I’m not interested. Of course, he couldn’t just walk away. I never saw him but he showed up at Lowe’s one night to see me and then sent me a text the next day and say he wouldn’t be interested. Whatever dude, I’m not interested. Of course, he tried to contact me about two weeks later because I don’t think he was finding what he was looking for. Anyway – I told him he was an ass and he never need to contact me again.

Ballz - I tried to forget this one as quickly as it happened. I went out with him in either January or February. Well, in any event we went to this event center and did rock climbing and bowling. I won't get into how he knew I wasn't suppose to be doing any physical activity and if you have tried rock climbing - well there is no way you won't break out in a sweat. The nice touch to the end of the date...I got to pay my half. LOVE it!

EB/E4B - The E is for Eager, the B is for Beaver.  You can translate the 4.  He and I have been talking via phone/text messaging but haven't actually met in person.  But, what one needs to know is that he thought it was necessary to call me at 2 am.  I am confused, am I still in college?

Chef - A normal guy I dated after Ex and I were done. We were on opposite sides of town and our roles were completely reversed. He liked to watch movies, me football.

Sergeant Drama/Copier Man/NY Man - Plenty of blog time has been given credit to this guy. In a perfect world in normal circumstances, I could of seen this one working. However, that being said - when has it been normal and perfect? He joined the Army and is someone that I see on FB from time to time but doubt that he will be involved in my future.

Vanilla Horndog - We met via a dating website and the first few dates were normal and so we named him "Vanilla." But, it soon became apparent that since he is coming out of a divorce, he can't just date one person, he wants to date half of Austin. Apparently on the website we met, he actually messaged one of my friends on that site. He came clean before my friend had a chance to tell me about it and fortunately I am blessed with a great friend that wouldn't date someone I have dated. I still consider us friends and we do chat every now and then. He as 50% custody of his 5 year old and full time with his 14 year old and I have 100% respect in that!