Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yes, yes I am discovering that it is really a thing.  A great thing.  It's doing a race and making it a vacation.

My race in Seattle will be just that, a RaceCation with my Aunt & Momma Bear.  We will fly to Seattle pre-race and then head to Portland post race and fly home from there.  It's becoming a VERY real thing in that I bought my airline ticket yesterday.  Yay!

Of course, the RaceCation took on a whole new life this week.  One of the gals that I am training with mentioned a 1/2 Marathon Race in the Bahama's in January 2015.  Ummm, why wouldn't a person do this?  Well my mom saw the post and she of course was telling people I was going to do it.  So, to make sure I didn't disappoint Momma Bear, I am officially registered for a race in the Bahama's in January 2015. 

So, apparently my training will need to continue for the next year.

Training is going well.  I am battling soreness in my IT band and my calf right now.  I have been seeing Dr. Seth Wagenblast and he has been a godsend.  For the most part, the IT pain is gone and now the calf tightness has crept up because the other muscles have all relaxed.  If you are in the Austin area and need help for any type of exercise induced pain, I recommend going to see him.  He offers free roll out clinics and even free evaluations.  You can find him by clicking here!

Monday's and Wednesday's I am back to do boot camp at 5:30 am.  I so hate the early mornings but my body sure likes the results.  The muscles definitely remind me that they were not worked this way just by running.  Of course, those days I also have to walk the pups in the evening.  If you know Finnegan...this is a necessary evil.  (He still hasn't slowed down at 5.)

Tuesday's we have what is called "Hill" practice.  AKA, they find some of the worst hills in Austin and decide we should run those routes.  Well this week we graduated to the really bad hills and will stay there for the rest of the season.  They start us with Loops 1 & 3 through a neighborhood.  Apparently once we become a little more conditioned, we can do Loop2 as well.  I'll have to post a picture because these are crazy insane hills.

Thursday we have track practice.  Yes, it really is on a track. We do different things each week that will help improve our cardio, improve race speed and includes focus on right techniques.  They also like to throw in a lot of core exercises after practice too.  (I HATE planks, that is all!)

Friday, well this is REST DAY.  Well rest in that I just walk the pups on a short walk.  That is a daily affair in addition to the training schedule.

Last Saturday we did 8 miles in this cold mist/drizzle/rain.  About a mile in the mist became more of a heavy drizzle/rain.  My thoughts were turn around.  But, there is still a chance it could rain in Seattle so we stuck it out.  There was some pretty good hills on the route this week. 

And that is the training that preps me for RaceCations!