Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great Power Involves Great Responsibility

They were words spoken by FDR.

They are words that I do not take lightly as I start on my new adventure.  Last night, I was elected the newest member of the Board of Directors of Brookfield Homeowners Association. 

They told me that no one ever wants to be on the 3 person board and I finally stood up as everyone just looked at each other.  I figured, why not?  It cannot be any worse than hosting a tournament of 50+ teams of crazy softball girls and parents for three days.  Or being on the board of directors for Lancaster Youth Softball Association (LYSA).

Of course, as luck would have it, two more people also ran.  One served on the board back when they were still building homes with the builders.  The other had been in the neighborhood since 2003.  Both also had more wisdom on their side in age.  I figured I was home free and no one would vote for me.  Heck...I even debated if I wanted to vote for myself or if I should vote for one of the others. I really felt I shouldn't vote for myself, like in the high school days were you couldn't nominate anyone off of your team.  But, I wanted at least one vote.

Ha!  As fate would have it, I was voted into office.  It was weird, I won.  Maybe if my college days had not been too crazy, maybe I could run for a public office.  Kidding, Kidding!

So, as of today, I have officially become a board member and had to vote to approve a landscape plan for a home owner that included a shed.  I suppose I should dig out those rules and read them.  Clearly I have not followed them as I just planted my plants where ever I saw fit that was both pleasing to the eye and maintained the drainage flow of the yard.

Let the good times begin.  It is a two year term with quarterly meetings and then more done by way of email.

May I always make the right decision.

As for training...after work tonight, it is a cross training day so it is a walk to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription.  A little shy of 3 miles tonight.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Reality is starting to set in and my panic button might be in full force.  In 34 days, I am suppose to be running 13.1 miles.  In 21 days, I will have needed to hit my fundraising goal.

Can I tell you that I am no where ready for either? 

I was at the disadvantage of being diagnosed with Bronchitis this spring.  It knocked me on my tail!  I have no idea how I ever managed to continue to play ball and go to class when I had it all the time in college.  Either this time was really bad or the ability to nap during the day during college was a godsend.  I refuse to believe that age plays a factor. 

The first 7 days of antibiotics and cough medicine did nothing for me, just put a dent in it.  So, when I hit day 14 of still not feeling well, I went back in to the see the doctor again.  This time it was continue the cough medicine, 7 days of steroids and an asthma inhaler.  It took another solid week and a half, but I FINALLY can breathe again.

Of course, during all that down time, I seriously slacked on fundraising AND training.  I committed to raising $3,600 by June 1.  If I don't hit that number...well it comes out of my pocket.  So, if you have NOT donated today...please do so!!!  It is a penny less than I have to come up with.  Already donated, ask your friends, give up a beer and donate again.  Isn't a cure for cancer worth a little sacrifice?

Training for 13.1 miles has also taken a major hit as well.  First it was 4 weeks of not being able to breathe and then struggling to walk around the building.  I can do that now...but some how not doing anything made my IT Band worse.  On Friday night, I had resorted to pain pills and not being able to step up into the trailer.  However, I refuse to let it stop me.  Stretching, rolling, ice, Epson Salt baths...I WILL run this race darn it.
So, I am begging you to help.  I am not giving up on me with the fundraising. 
I am Refusing to motto I see daily!
  I need your help today!