Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The struggle is real

Well if you read my post last week, you saw that as part of Lent, I was making the following  Amendable Commitments:
  1. One Diet Coke a day
  2. No Pasta - sadly this is my go to dinner as of late, pasta noodles, parmesan cheese a little butter...definitely cheep and easy but no nutritional value and in no way diabetic friendly.
  3. No Sunflower seeds - my weekend addiction
  4. Morning prayers before my feet hit the ground
  5. Rosary once daily - currently I just do it the days I travel to work.
  6. Evening prayers before bed.
  7. Attend Stations of the Cross at least twice during Lent
  8. Limit Cell Phone games to 1 hour.

The struggle is real folks.  Really real.  I mean that darn devil shows up in so many shapes and forms, it is hard to believe.

Take for example yesterday....when Unicorn thought she was doing me a "favor" by buying this six pack combo pack of pasta from Costco.  Umm, see number 2.  She didn't know what my resolutions were to know better.  So, now I have to get to Easter leaving that alone, when I finally was in a pasta free house.

I think that the one I have struggled with most is the evening prayers.  Usually by the time I crawl into bed, I am exhausted and just want to close my eyes.  So, I might need to mix that up and do the prayers in the evening when I get home before my workout.  A way to decompress the mind from the day of work. 

How are you doing with your commitments?

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