Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vacation & Rain!!!!

Wow - it has been forever since I have blogged. Work has been crazy, my evenings crazier and it seems like there was no time for anything but work, work and training. The training is going well. I have had some serious problems with my sinus and after a number of tests, the doctors were recommending surgery. However, because of the race they are going to let me hold off and re-evaluate everything after the race. It will be less than a month before I have my first mini-triathlon on Mother's Day. Because of the sinus issues, almost everyone in my group is doing the full Olympic version but they are going to let me be a wuss and do the sprint version. (Wuss in that it is 1/2 mile swim, 6 mile run and 12.5 mile bike ride.)

This past week was a "vacation" of sorts for me - especially from training. My mom and aunt arrived at my house on Good Friday. My mom flew into Houston, and my aunt and her headed over to Austin. Since they didn't get in until later in the afternoon - we didn't really do too much. My mom got the grand tour of what is completed and what is in works and got to meet her new God Dog - Finnegan. We had a great meal at Joe's Crab Shack and picked up some supplies for Easter dinner.

Saturday we took the much needed run to the outlet malls in San Marcos. Not sure what happened, but we weren't feelin it and needless to say, walked out of a LOT of stores empty handed! On our way back, we pit stopped at the Barton Creek Mall to pick up a few more things and then to Maudie's Milagro. I swear, it was an ACCIDENT that I got drunk. I mean can I help that I requested a smaller second drink and they brought a pure tequila margarita?!?! I swear it wasn't my fault and drunk or not - I was able to direct my mom & aunt safely back home.

Easter Sunday was spent as many do. I took them to my favorite Catholic Church in Round Rock - if you ever visit - I can take you - it is BEAUTIFUL. Look at the positive, you won't have to sit through two hours of Beauty like my mom & aunt! After a great Easter dinner of ham & potatoes, we headed to Hamilton Pool. Absolutely gorgeous! I promise to post pics soon!

On Monday & Tuesday, after dropping the two pups were dropped off at the vets (aka spoiled city) we headed for Hill Country, shopping, antiqueing and all the fun stuff in between! It is a very good thing we had my Aunt's big diesel truck - we needed it for all those goodies. Even those pots that some how I am suppose to lug back to Nebraska for my mom! We had a great time, they have my kitchen fully stocked with 'country' oldies and I have had a dose of antiquing to last another year!

Wednesday & Thursday were back to the grindstone for me while the other two had two relaxing days at the cabin fishing. Friday, I battled a monsoon to drive to Houston with the two dogs and spent the weekend visiting my family and mom. And so you understand monsoon in Texas terms - that was 4 1/2 inches one day and over 3 inches the next day at my Aunt & Uncle's House! That also translated into two VERY stir crazy dogs.

It was a great reminder on why I am working two jobs and why I need to focus so it can come to an end soon! Sadly, with tears I said goodbye to my mom at the airport. My Aunt assures me it only took 30 years for her & grandma to stop crying at the end of trip...hmmm I'll be pretty OLD by then!

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