Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Go Time

Well, it is official, surgery has been set. Friday, November 13th is the day. Yes - Friday the 13th. But, see I think that since I have 13 permanently inked on my skin that it is a lucky number and not unlucky. Hopefully this holds true for the surgery.

It seems easy to schedule it but has been a lot of work to find the right date. Being single, I have just me to count on to get me to and from places. So, this means that I have to find someone that can take me home from surgery. Now, most in my situation call upon mom & dad to help out. Well, given that there is 807 miles between my front door and their front door, it doesn't make that as a real option. Although, there was some initial thought about doing it the Friday before Thanksgiving, my mom could fly in and then just drive with me back to NE for the holiday. Well, grand in theory but I will have to have the splints removed from my nose 7 days after the surgery, so that means I need to be in Texas to have that done.

So, plan B is in place. My aunt that lives in Houston has agreed to be a stand in mom for me. Her and my uncle will be on vacation the end of October and given that I have tickets to the Baylor/NU game - I had to coordinate around that as well. So - November 13th was the first Friday that would work for all of us and the doctor agreed that date would work to.

I am nervous but at the same time optimistic of what the surgery can do for me. I hope that the days of sinus infections will be few and far between! I look forward to being able to breathe out of my nose and not feeling so tired all the time! I'll keep you updated as things proceed. There will be more tests done between now and then as this is going to be an image guided procedure.

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Rockin Austin said...

Dude, I can pick you up from surgery and help you with whatever you need. :) Glad you picked a date, maybe you'll have some relief soon!!