Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date like a man...

So you don't get played like a girl.

So far this week I have two dates set up with two different guys. Of course, both are not until Saturday & Sunday which means that gives me 4 other days left this week I can add dates. <>

Saturday is date number two with no name guy. He and I went out last Wednesday to the Round Rock Express game, which for those of you back home is in the same league as the Omaha Royals. He was another guy I met off of PlentyofFish.com. Honestly, I have give up on that sight and haven't really been looking for dates just because I haven't meet anything of quality lately. Quantity can never substitute for quality, no matter how many dates.

We had a nice time at the game, it is just I don't know. He is a lot bigger than his pictures let on. On a good day, he probably has 75 lbs, if not more, that he could afford to lose. I had a good time, it is just that I never pictured dating someone that big. So, we are giving it at least a second date. Saturday he wants to head to Fredericksburg for the day. I am going to give it a whirl. Wish me luck cause it is a LONG walk home from there.

Sunday, well this will be date number one with a personal trainer from the same site as the above mentioned guy. We are meeting for "coffee" at Little Woodrows. In Austin lingo, that is a sports bar so something tells me there isn't going to be coffee ordered, lol.

There could be a third date this week too. This guy has been on the hook since probably May. I get random text messages from him but have never met him. Whatever, it isn't like he is making my day painful. But in any event, he finally decided to get off the pot and wants to meet.

Hmmmm, three dates in one week with three different guys...I might need to start going by Jiggalo. :)

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