Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Well, I haven't been posting much on my weight loss journey more because it has resembed more of a weight loss roller coaster.  A week of down, followed by a week of big up, with a little down and so on.  Then there were in between weeks because of scheduling that I just didn't make it to a meeting. 

Two weeks ago was the last time that I managed to weigh in.  At that time, I knew that it was not good because the lady asked me if I wanted to take off any of my jewelry or my sweater.  Well, the sweater couldn't come off because it was attached to the shirt.  I knew it was not good and it didn't disappointing, 186.8, 0.8 lbs. higher than when I started Weight Watchers.

Well, all I can say is that being in a relationship must suit me okay.  I know that I don't eat as much these days because I am not hungry.  I also know that I don't eat out as much because usually either NoDIY or myself is cooking.  I also know I don't have mindless eating at night and on the weekends because I am not thinking about it and eat when I am hungry.  Genius concept, I know.

All of this has translated into success on the scale!  Now it is not the clearest picture but it still shows a weekly (well two week) weight loss of 6.4 lbs. and a net loss of 5.6 pounds!  Now this means that I should be receiving my 5 lb. star in the meeting but since traffic was terrible, there was only 10 minutes left of the meeting so I am waiting until next week to get it.

Now let's see if I can get that 5% goal, or 9 lbs. before I head back home for the holidays?!?  If you count my journey prior to Weight Watchers, so far I am at 10.6 lbs. lost!  Feel better and better every day!

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