Monday, December 15, 2008

Brrrrrrrr...winter has hit Texas

Yes it has. Now - I know that my brother sent a text this morning stating the Wind Chill was -30 degrees in Nebraska and that shouldn't compare to here. But - by Texas standards - it is darn cold.

Of course - thinking about this - maybe it is because yesterday was in the 70s and 75 inside my house. Or it could be that I didn't look at the forecast before Guinney & I headed to the Chef's house for the evening. Needless to say - short sleeves for work today was NOT a good idea. How cold is it - it was 34 with a windchill of 24. It will be lucky to hit 41. For some reason I at least grabbed the jean jacket on the way out - THANK GOD!

Of course - I thought you all would appreciate a little humor too...last Tuesday evening we had a sleeting/rain mix complete with Thunder. Anyway - there was some leftover on the windshields in the morning. According to the two *locals* in the department - they had a "Sheet of Ice" on their car. You be the judge.... Never mind one of the "locals" actually admits to wearing long johns when it doesn't get up to 50. Can you imagine what he would do in Nebraska?!?!?!

As for the rest of life - pretty much the same. Still dating the Chefman. Trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday (Thursday) and for Christmas. Still working both Jobs. Had it pretty easy being off the past could of weekends with company staying...but don't worry - this weekend will make up for lost time. Scheduled 5 days in a row at Lowe's - which will translate into 55 hours in 5 days! UGH!

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