Monday, December 1, 2008

Reasons to be Thankful This Year

Well - as most do on Thanksgiving, I thought I would reflect on the reasons I am thankful:

1. I have a healthy & supportive family!
2. I have friends that support me unconditionally even if I don't see them that often.
3. In the tough economy - I am fortunate to have two jobs - even though I tend to complain about working so much.
4. I am thankful for having a home to call my own.
5. I am thankful for being in a safe and healthy place.
6. I am thankful for Guinness - the dog that never complains!
7. I am thankful for being brought to Texas - I have made some great friends and know there are a lot more things I will do in the coming years.
8. I am thankful for the Chef man - not only for his cooking skills but just for showing me there are good guys out there!

With that - I hope that each of you had a Great Thanksgiving and a safe & Blessed Holiday Season.

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