Thursday, December 4, 2008 other way to say it.

For most - you all know that I love watching BL (Biggest Loser) every week. Of course this year hasn't been the same because Michelle has a Tuesday night class so we can't rant the next morning on the show. All I can say about this year is that I am sick of Vicki...she should of been cut a long time ago and I wish I could call the people and tell them to work their ass off so she doesn't win the big prize.

But, enough of that. For those of you that watch the show - you know that Jillian Michael's is one of the trainers on the show and takes no prisoners. My softball kids thought I could be cruel - they need to watch her. I mean - wall squats suck the way they are let alone having someone stand on your legs while you do it.

Fast forward to me ordering some of her workout videos. I didn't think they could be that bad - I mean they are videos, it is not like she is in my living room screaming at me. Well...she might as well have been. She royally kicked my ass from afar. THANK God that I didn't have the step - I couldn't imagine what that would of been like. Or that I had a break in the middle because I got a little crazy on those kicks and kicked the water glass over. :) It was 20 minutes of hell but in the end - I survived. My ankle survived. Guinney survived the trauma of running in and out of the back door to see what was going on.

And if that DVD was not enough - Guinness still got her walk. I still managed to get all the trim work painted in the spare bedroom done too. The bonus - I'm not really THAT sore this morning. PLEASE don't tell HER that though!

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