Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I DID it!!!

Yep, I have officially swam the official distance that I will need to swim on race day! 750 meters (aka 1/2 mile) in open water. Now by open water, I mean at no point could I touch the bottom, let alone see the bottom. Thankfully for me, I didn't see the turtle pop it's head out of the water until after I was done with the swim and out of the water.

Now for some this might not seem exciting or news worthy - I mean I have to do it for the race - why celebrate? Well, part of my challenge with training for this race has been the constant sinus infection since December, the periods of blah, and trying to push surgery off until after the race. Now, if it has been forever since you talked to me, well, I sound like I am constantly stuffed up and congested. Seriously - it was a joke every time I coughed because of the congestion - "Swine Flu". So, given that it is hard to breathe OUT of water, swimming has been my biggest fear of being able to accomplish it!

Was it easy? Not in the beginning. First off, the water was a cool 76 degrees. Of course, lucky for me, my wet suit didn't fit in the chest (Shocking I know) and so I was left to go with just the swim suit. Now, once I got past the cold part, there was the factor of not being able to see anything under water. I don't want to say I panicked - but for some reason not being able to see anything resulted in me forgetting how to breathe under water. No idea. But, about half way through, I settled in and was able to find a rhythm.

Sinus infection or not, if I have to finish it doing the back stroke or the doggy paddle - I will finish it!

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