Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes, that is right, I have a whole lot of nothin to share and so that is why I have been AWOL.

I just finished a killer week working both jobs. No idea why it works that way, but some weeks all my hours at Lowe's come during the week and then the next week, most come during the weekend. What does that translate to - a LONG ass week. By the time 9:15 came last night and I logged out at Lowe's, I had logged 66 hours for the week.

Now for most people - that would be plenty to add to the plate. But - not me, the glass was only half full with work stuff. So, for good measure, I did all my training for the Austin Tri. Now - if adding an hour of workouts wasn't good enough, I also started putting together the upstairs now that the carpet is in. I promise, promise to get pics up as soon as the last box is unpacked!

As for the copier man, well recession hit his employer and his job, so he has been working for his brother which has translated into a lot of hours outside in the 100+ heat. Needless to say he is wiped at night and then my not so friendly work schedule has limited any time to hang out.

That is all folks.

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