Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The River

So, anyone that has paid attention to the weather knows that southern Texas is baking. I have given up watering my yard because when you can only water twice a week - you would have to be home all day, every day to give it enough water to survive. I have been watering my plants outside daily and if I would go two days without water - they would be dead guaranteed.

On an odd factor, I had a Saturday off from Lowe's. Yes, no Saturday night closing shift. The beauty is that it happened without me even asking for it off. So, since Copier man and I are dating, I suggested that we tube the Guadalupe River on Saturday. Well, he went a step further and said, let's go camping and tubing. Ok kids, who seriously considers camping when your day time highs are over 100? Reality check please. Never mind camping with someone you are still getting to know. But - I figured what the heck - what a better way to get to know someone.

So, I was able to find someone to cover my Friday night shift at Lowe's and someone to take care of the dogs for the weekend. The only glitch was that I had to be back at Lowe's at 3 on Sunday. Not a big deal.

Of course - our departure was not as smoothed as planned. Copier man got stuck in traffic so he was late getting to my house. He was frustrated because his brother took a bunch of his camping stuff out of his storage unit. But - it was all manageable. We stopped at Cabala's and I picked up an air mattress since I figured when company comes next month - I will need that extra bed and he got a grate for the grill. Onward we went.

We got to the campsite, Rockin R, checked in and found our site. Note - make sure to pack a hammer/mallet. Between the ground being so dry and rocks - Copier man didn't have much luck getting the stakes in the ground. We got things set up and then made a quick run to Walmart so we could have some lightning since it was a no electricity, no running water camp ground with the exception of the main bathroom/shower area.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend despite the weather. We didn't kill each other and had a fabulous time tubing on Saturday and just hanging by the river. We played Domino's and did a lot of talking. The overnight tempatures weren't too bad but Saturday night was probably the worst because it was so humid. We did learn one of the ladies in the campground can party until 5 am Saturday morning but is pretty quiet the next night. We also witnessed the episode of "It wasn't me" in the river with the other girl. Looking forward to doing it again soon! We did have a picture taken on the river so if I get a copy I'll be back to post it.

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