Sunday, July 12, 2009

Papa Smurf

Well, it is house is FINALLY painted. Okay - so I still need to do the trim work in a couple rooms, but everything else is done. No more waves in the spare bathroom!!! Whooo hoooo. The best part - it was all finished in a week. Yes - 6 days of hard work.

Okay - I was NOT the rock star on this. As some of you know, Papa Smurf has been layed off from Goodyear for a few months now. Now my mom knows that with me working two jobs and doing these triathlons, there hasn't been a lot of time for much of anything else. She mentioned it to my dad that he should come down and paint and he was all in. So, with less than a weeks warning, I was picking my dad up on a Tuesday noon at the Austin airport.

I have a pretty awesome dad! He jumped into projects right away. Since I have moved in, the garbage disposal has never worked. So, with a little work, he and I were able to retrieve 14 nails out of the disposal. There is a 15 that is going to be permanently there but the blades still turn, so it will do. I have become more handy around the house but still don't know what I am doing most of the time. I did manage to put new locks on the house but they needed Dad's touch so the door would seal tight. He also fixed the dishwasher since the water wasn't draining out correctly. That there was all done on day one!!!!

Tuesday afternoon we headed to Lowe's to pick up all the supplies he needed that I didn't have. On Wednesday, I was off to work and he got to work right away. I still had to work both jobs on Wednesday, so it was a pretty lonely day for him. But he got a LOT accomplished. Heck mom even asked me what I was doing to him because he was too busy to talk.

By the end of the trip, he painted the bedroom/office, the second bathroom, the family room, the hallway, the 1/2 bath and the laundry room. A few of those rooms needed some patching and also some primer! He was awesome. He hung blinds in two of the rooms, curtain rods, and new bathroom fixtures!

He did have a little down time too and was able to visit his cousin that lives in Cedar Park. But, most of his trip was hard work and he never complained about it once. On his last night here, I treated him to Pappadeaux's. If you EVER have a chance, I so recommend this Seafood place. It comes with a price but is soooo worth it.

I was so grateful for Papa Smurf's time here and all of his hard work! Once the carpet is in, this house can be called a home! I can't wait to have him here for another visit where he can relax and enjoy himself!


Rockin Austin said...

Wow, you are SO lucky! When my parents visit they cook...although I suppose if I asked they'd paint. Hmmm, that's a thought. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your dad, I hope I can meet him next time out!

Vince O. said...

Hey there,
Read your blog about the race. You entered, you competed, you raised money for a good cause---feel GOOD about yourself! And Dad's do come in handy sometime, don't they!

Vince O.