Friday, September 4, 2009

Forever and a day

I can't believe a month has passed without nothing inspiring from me. Holy Cow! Well things have been busy in the past month. After a weekend of camping with New York Man, things fizzled and I saw his true colors. Fortunately not a lot of time was invested.

Of course, ironically Chef man re-entered the picture. Not that he ever left the picture, we still talked every day if not every other day, just not had a chance to hang out. I love chillin with him, it is relaxing, drama free time. If we could just have more things in common!! But he did cook a fabulous dinner and we can now check off crab cakes, rice and Bison Filet as foods I have officially eaten!

Mid August saw the arrival of Skipper and her family. I call her the Skipper because I only tried to skip school once, all day, with her and things did not go as planned. Ahhh, memories. Now since they had a we-one, all of 6, we did all the fun things that kids love. Thursday we did Schlitterbaughn. Who can't love that place? Of course, towards the end of the day, the rude people & kids were getting on my nerves! But, I survived. Friday, I had to work since my copart already requested the day off. Skipper & family used it as a down day. I met them in San Marcos Outlet Mall and I don't think Skipper's family had as much fun there as we could of. :) We called it a night after a great dinner at the Salt Lick. Saturday, Sea World here we come. It was a 10 hour day there and we STILL didn't see it all. I'll get some pictures up soon!

Now, I am just patiently waiting for my cousins to arrive from Nebraska. JAS hubby is doing the triathlon on Monday. I was suppose to but after a streak of 136 hours of work in 15 days, I decided I needed a break from training. Plus all the 100 degree days was not helping the cause! There is the door bell.

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Rockin Austin said...

Yeah for finally blogging! And you know,T and I didn't have much in common when we met. ;)