Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go BIG red!!!

Life on this end is good! I am loving my new set schedule at Lowe's. It gives me days off and still allows me the freedom to do other things. This past weekend, I dragged Runner along with me to Waco, really Beverly Hills, to go to the Nebraska vs Baylor game. We met up with Hamersky and clan for a brewhaha before the game. I miss Hamersky but not the stress that came with the job we had!

Okay - all I can say is the weekend was a number of firsts. I have never been to a stadium where there was no one there for the Home team. My dad & brother thought we were crazy because we didn't go over to the other side and sit in the front row. It was a first that we part less than a block away from the stadium within two hours of kick off. That there was crazy. It was also my first sober football game...still not sure if that was good or bad.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day! Probably too sunny because my darn head was burned. But one should never complain of a nice tan the first of November! The Huskers played a little better than the Iowa State game, at least won! But I think one fellow Husker summed it up best when we recovered a fumble close to the end zone...kick the field goal....we are guaranteed points. Of course - the offensive went out and threw an interception.

We made it back to town in time for trick or treaters and Finn was sad to see the door close every time the kids left. To him they were there to play.

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Rockin Austin said...

That is just a terrible picture of me! Thanks for the good times though, even though we were sober. HAHAHA!