Friday, September 2, 2011

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Relationships suck!  Or at least they do for me.  Urrrgggghhhh!!

So I don't know if I blogged but Vanilla Horndog has been back in touch again because he and his girlfriend didn't work out.  Whatever.  I am so guarded with him because it stung like no other when he started dating her.  But, at the same time, I like the guy.  I can't say that I have a "type" of guy that I look for, although I will say that almost all of them are tall.  :)  With that said, Vanilla Horndog just has those qualities that I look for, well expect me being a priority.  We click.

So, ironically yesterday he called me later in the day.  He had to call me back because he had another call he had to take.  In any event, he asked if I had to work last night or if I could of went out for drinks.  I told him I didn't work but couldn't of gone because I had other plans.  It was like this jealous side came out when he found out I had a date.  Wanted to know who he was, where I met him, how long we have been dating, etc.  Never seen this side from him before.  It was cute but oh so frustrating.

Now, as for the date.  This was the first date with a new guy that has yet to be named.  I have determined that they have to have a few dates before DC gets the chance to name them. He was a nice guy and all but my mind couldn't let go of the jealousy that Vanilla Horndog had over it. 

I know, I know, he had his chance move on, that is what my mind tells me.  But the heart and the other part of the mind tells me something different.  Of course, Vanilla Horndog is texting me this morning wanting me to know how the date went.  Uggh.

Why can't matters of the heart be easy for once?

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