Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fight

Well - it was bound to happen sooner than later...chef and I have officially had our first disagreement. I am being girlie and don't understand (his point of view) and he just doesn't get it (my point of view). At the end of the day - it is all just dumb really, but it still sits underneath the skin and I am not doing a good job of letting it go.

So - here is the story - first off - our schedules always clash, it is rare that we both have a day off. So yesterday - he had the day off, I didn't have to work that night (he knew) and in my mind spelled - time we could spend together. Now I respect he has a lot of things going on and is busy. However, I got the text that he couldn't come over because he had too much to drink and had things to do yet that required the Internet. Okay - well first off - it is never going to sit well with me that we can't hang out because you drank too much. I had alcohol dictate the past 3 years - sure in the hell am not going to start another relationship on that foot. Then what you don't know is that he spent half the afternoon laying by the pool. In my mind - time that could of been spent on the Internet doing whatever needs to be done.

Of course - he doesn't get any of that. He just gets that he had too much to drink, couldn't drive, had work to do that he needed the Internet for and I don't have it and I never come over there.

Urrrg - its like beating your head against a wall. I need to keep reminding myself, let it go, let it go. I mean one fight in two months isn't bad is it? Now if this becomes a pattern....Men - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

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