Friday, October 10, 2008

Something New...

Yep that is right - something new - a new vehicle. The Ex finally came through and is helping out. Basically he & I leased a car together last year and had my Explorer. Well, when we split, I couldn't trust him making the payment - so I ended up with both cars. I was able to sell the Explorer and was just stuck with the expensive car! Don't get me wrong - LOVED the Avenger. However, it got all of 19 miles to the gallon around town and we you have a 40 mile communte every day - well not cheap. Plus there was the monthly payment that came with it - over $400.

Well - the Ex has made a lot of improvements in his life and is finally ready to be accountable for things. (Editor note: For my mom's sake - I need to reiterate that I have NO desire to reconcile - just don't feel it is worth my energy to harbor grudges.) So - with him clearing up things and taking the Avenger - he helped get me into a Jeep Patriot. Now - right now the intent is to hold onto it for a year - but we will see.

It is a nice car - but COMPLETELY back to the basics...manual side mirrors, manual locks, no more navigation, no more knowing where the crashes are on the way home so I can detour. But on the positive side, no more huge payments, better gas mileage, cheaper car insurance and UNLIMITED miles. Yeah!!!

And no fears - the new car smell didn't last too long - Guinness decided to get sick all over the back seat on our first drive!!!

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