Friday, February 5, 2010

Climbing the Mountain

Well that is what is seems like in the dating world. I swear I can find 10 bad apples for every good one. But, I keep on plucking hoping that I have one worthy of framing.

So last night was a date with a new guy. DC has appropriately named him Ballz. Yes, it was fitting.

The background is that I have been using to meet guys to date. For every good one, there are some real gems in the other direction. This one officially fell into the gem category of one date and done.

Honestly, I really can't remember a date where I was 10 minutes in and wanted it to be over. Really. We chatted just briefly through the site and through text messaging before I agreed to meet him last night. We went to the Main Event which is an adult kids place on steroids that serves alcohol. So, when we meet, he is kind of like his photo but a little off - which isn't that uncommon. I know enough to recognize that he isn’t someone I would normally date but figured maybe personality overcomes.

Ballz decides we should do a 1/2 hour of rock climbing first. Now, keep in mind I am still under doctor’s orders to do no exercise for 3 more weeks. Well, he doesn't know this, doesn't know that I had surgery or anything. Ahhh, so not a good thing. My gosh, if you have never tried indoor rock climbing, it is a workout like no other! Don't get me wrong, I'll do it again, just when I am better prepared and dressed for it. Jeans and a blouse are not a rock climbing outfit.

10 minutes in I knew he wasn't a fit. For some reason, I felt like he was a nerd trying to prove he could be an athlete. It was like, how many walls can I climb, can we race to the top, etc. I mean, he even said to me "you’re a triathlete, this should be easy." Yeah, no.

Of course, unlucky for me - it doesn't end after the 1/2 hour of climbing. I then am blessed with an hour of bowling. Can I mention that I had to pay $20 for said bowling. I mean, who asks a girl out and then expects her to pay? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying my way now and then but not on a first date! The entire time we are bowling, I just felt like he was crowding into my personal space. It wasn't a I want to get to know you date, it was let's act like we were dating date. I secretly kept watching the clock, praying for the hour to be up so I could be line to my car.
Fortunately, I tried to escape with a thank you and a hug. I dodged the first kiss attempt but didn't get out of it completely. Hence, why DC named him Ballz. You got to have Ballz to try and kiss someone on a first date when you are completely sober and she has totally gone with the "She's just not that into you" attitude all night.

Summary of the story....there will be NO second date. LOL I LOVE DATING!!!

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Rockin Austin said...

Wow...has he tried to contact you since?