Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comedy Central

Okay - that is exactly what this is.  As some are aware, I have been battling these changes that Obama put in place for the Credit Card companies.  I mean, give them a sliver of an opening and they will kill you as quickly as they can.  Well that is until the new laws take place. 

Almost every card I have had, and some are over 10 years old, have either taken this opportunity to either raise my interest rates and or slice my credit limit.  In reality, fine by me because in the next year or so, I won't have them anyway - cash is my way of life.

Now with all that said, how about my latest bill from Citibank.  I mean some would cry.  However, I just laugh.  They honestly have to be kidding if they think that I am paying this or will even try to pay.  I mean it is more than my mortgage.  Really.  New minimum payment due March 1, 2010.....


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Rockin Austin said...

Can I just say that I'm jealous of your mortgage? Mine is more than double that. ;) Yeah...the CC's have GOT to go. Debt free is the way to be! On our way baby!