Friday, February 5, 2010

Surgery Update

Well, it has been awhile since I have blogged.  Most of my time has just been recovery time from surgery.  Honestly, I was not prepared for how miserable I would feel the first week after surgery.  It was like the worst head cold I could ever imagine.  The only catch was that I couldn't blow my nose.  I didn't really get any great sleep because I was sleeping in the chase lounger because my head hat to be at least 30 degree's higher than my body.  Obviously one does not get a solid nights sleep that way.

I never did get sick which was the good thing.  There was a couple of nights that I needed to use my nausau medicine they had prescribed because the stuff that was draining into my stomach was making me feel ill.  But really, it wasn't anything terrible bad. 

By Wednesday, I was at the pitty me stage.  I swore I would never do the surgery again, I was that miserable.  Plus, you take someone that is use to NEVER being home, to a person that had only two hours outside of the house since the day I got home from surgery....well it was CABIN fever like no other.  Not even DQ could solve my problem.

But, hats off must go to my Aunt Jo Ann and Teacher.  Both were fabulous.  Aunt Jo Ann was a trooper for me.  Going to get prescriptions, take me to the hospital, caring for me afterwards, making me jello with bananas!, she was my mom for a weekend!  Teacher was fabulous in her own right too.  She was checking in on me every other day if not more just to see how I was doing.  She even went above the call of duty by taking a day of vacation from work on Friday and taking me in to get my splints taken out!  I truly am blessed with amazing family & friends!

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