Monday, January 18, 2010

Merry Christmas from Guinness’ Dog House

Happy holidays from my dog house to yours!

Happy Holidays to you and your family from Pflugerville, TX. What a difference a year makes! Mom is still pretty busy with work and now always having to watch Finnegan (more of that later) so I would give it another whirl this year for the family letter. I still remain the princess of the bunch and have many tales to tell! Hopefully you enjoy our stories from the past year as much as we did with the activities.

H.A.P.P.Y H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S.

Horror, Little Horror – The big news of the year is the newest member to my dog house, Finnegan (formerly known as Toodles). Mom found him at a rescue shelter and thought he needed to live with us. He is a monster. A four month old puppy that makes me look like a saint! He does like to chew on mom’s things STILL and even though I pretend to be annoyed with him, I love having him around.

April – Girls week! Grandma and Aunt Jo Ann came to visit us in April. Although for some reasons Finnegan and I had to go stay with Dr. Skinner while they toured Hill Country. Finnegan was the hog of attention while we were there. But I still love visiting. The following weekend we went to see our family in Houston. Finn & I agree…leftover grease from the fried Turkey is yummy.

Painting – LOTS of painting. Grandpa came to visit us in July to help mom finish the painting upstairs. She wasn’t making very much progress on her own. Finn & I loved it because Grandpa was at the house every day so we could play. He is so good he finished ALL the rooms upstairs and the laundry room in less than a week!

Planning – Mom did a lot of planning with her brothers and family and pulled over a HUGE surprise party for Grandma’s 55th birthday! Grandma didn’t even know we were coming to visit and she was so surprised when we greeted her at the door. Even Aunt Jo Ann & Uncle Oak were in on the surprise! We had fun playing with our friends Bailey, Chloe, & Morgan while we were back!

Yes! – Those are the words we said when mom’s friend Kris asked if they could come to see us for vacation! Kris, Ron & Kyra came to stay with us. They got to do fun things like Sea World, the Schlitterbaughn and shopping but mom wouldn’t take us! Kyra kept us entertained and we missed her as soon as the car left the drive way!

Heaven – Grandma S was called home to heaven in June. Grandma had it planned out and it happened during our trip home to Nebraska. It extended our trip for a day. She definitely will be missed and taught mom a lot about faith! I will definitely miss all that yummy food she would sneak me when Mom wasn’t looking!

Opportunities – Mom had lots of opportunities to do her new work outs of choice, swimming, biking & running. She trained with Team & Training and did her first Triathlon in May! She enjoyed it so much she did 3 different ones! Finn and I loved the running part because she would take us with her! Our godmom, Michelle, even flew in from Maryland to cheer on Mom for her big race – the Capital of Texas Triathlon! She took lots of pictures of mom in action and it was a visit long over do!

Insulin – In January of this year, Uncle Shane was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was definitely some frightening times and he ended up in the hospital for three days. Of course, now the concern is, will mom get it? With Grandma M (Type 2), Uncle Gene (Type 1), Grandma S (Type 2), Shane (Type 1) it definitely is a possibility!

Dates – Mom still continues to date guys but still hasn’t found one that Finn & I approve of. Her and Kevin broke up in February but still remain friends and he comes to visit now and then. She dated Brent for awhile and we thought she might be on to something, but no luck. We are still searching for a dad and are not settling for less than the best!

Ahhhh Cousin – My mom’s cousins Courtney, Amy & Damon all came to visit us Labor Day weekend. Damon did the Austin Triathlon while the girls cheered him on! They spent a day tubing the River and did the trip to the Salt Lick. They had a LOT of fun and Courtney & Damon kept telling mom she was going to take Finnegan home with her! I would of so loved it but for some reason he was still here when they left.

Yea Babies – We love babies and the Schmidt clan finally has some we can play with! We met Shane’s son Gage when we visited Nebraska in June! Then for Thanksgiving, mom was always playing with Ali – cousin Luke & Sara’s little girl. I made sure to sit right by them when mom was giving her a bottle. She is still MY mom. Plus, next year there will be even MORE little one’s for us to play with since Cloe will have a baby at her house by then and Cousin Brenda will also have a baby too!

Security – Mom is still secure in both of her jobs. She still is working at National Financial Partners but moved to a new group when the company did some downsizing. She still does her old job but also takes support calls for general website technical questions as well as Microsoft Office questions. After a year, she finally has a set schedule at Lowe’s. It definitely made things easier for Finn & I, well mom too. She works on Tuesday & Friday nights and then opens on Saturday & Sundays. She is not so tired on her new schedule, even though she still works the same 20 hours. Plus, we can get in more walks this way!

A special message from Mom
I hope this finds that each of you have had a joyous holiday season and a great start to 2010!  Life in Texas is good and gets better and better each day!  My house is finally done on the inside which means that in 2010, the foucs will be on the outside!  I  pray each of you has a healthy & Blessed 2010!

Jenn, Guinness & Finnegan

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