Saturday, January 2, 2010

Small World leads to....

a low key New Year's Eve.

Right before Christmas I received a friend request from T (short for Trouble) on Facebook.  T and I went to the same high school, only he was a year ahead of me.  I knew of him, but didn't know him.  I think he was more the resident bad boy and well, high school wasn't some of my finest days, my wall flower days.

From the friend request, T indicated that he is also in Austin and was interested to see other Pius peeps here.  So, given that, I said why not, and accepted the friend request.  He was back in Lincoln for the holidays and really we didn't really talk outside of the isolated comments on status updates.

Well, fast forward to Wednesday night.  I was just settling in to watch the Husker bowl game and was doing a quick check of Facebook when I got an IM from T.  Long story short, I had to pause and then rewatch the first half of the football game because T and were talking and I was not paying attention.  I knew enough that we were winning but that was it.

T was visiting his sister in Pflugerville, so after declining going out for drinks for the second half, T came over here.  Sadly, I must report that I didn't see much of the second half of the football game because we were more talking that watching. 

I don't know how to put it.  It is like a piece of home showed up on my door step.  Someone that gets home, high school but gets why Austin is the BOMB and why you wouldn't want to move back!  Even though we didn't know each other really in high school, it felt like we have known each other forever.  It ended up being a waaaayyyy late night of catching up and because I was so flippin tired for work on Thursday, staying home on NYE was just fine by me.

Of course, as my luck has it, T is now out of the country for the next month enjoying a nice vacation where it is very warm!  I did chat with him at midnight and can only assume that we will hang out again when he gets back.

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