Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Monday Routine

Well - it looks as if fate would bestow a Monday from hell on me not only for today but for the next three Monday's in the foreseeable future.

Actually my Monday routine started on Sunday night at 8:30. I was just getting ready to crash on the catch but decided I better drag myself up and get ready for tomorrow. I laid out my swim workout stuff only to realize I lost my goggles and swim cap already. But - no excuses - I got to go. Got my bag packed so I can head straight from practice to work to shower & get ready. Packed my lunch and got my dinner ready for when I came home. Then, to make it harder to say I can't go - I took my bags out to the car so all I had to do was brush my teeth, grab the lunch out of the fridge and out the door I go.

Yes, the alarm did go off at 5 and I finally rolled out at 5:15. Of course, Guinness faced another disappointment and the sweats didn't translate into her going for a walk. Maybe I can actually get up at 5 one of these mornings and get her a quick walk in before I need to leave. I pulled out of the garage at 5:30 am with the brisk temperature reading on the car of 38 degrees.

Well I went and I think I was a much better trooper this week. I was more in the zone of tell me what I need to do, how many lengths and let me do it. I just wanted it over with. Although some how there was only one other person left in the pool when I finished. Ha! But I did get it in and was at my desk by 8 am.

Which brings me to my new Monday routine - at least for the next three weeks:
5:15 am - Alarm
5:30 am - out the door
6:00 am - Swim practice
7:00 am - Drive to work, shower
8:00 am - Work
4:00 pm - Head home, change clothes, eat supper, walk dog
5:00 pm - work @ Lowe's
9:30 pm - Pack work clothes, lunch and head to bed for another 5:00 am rise & shine call!

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Rockin Austin said...

Yikes!! Mondays suck for you sweetheart, but you are doing a wonderful thing for many people. You Go Girl!!