Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swim Practice

All I can say about this is that I finally have experienced the Nazi coach that I was with the girls. Now - I mean Nazi in the nicest way possible. A coach very passionate about what they are teaching, pushing their students to be all they can and not allowing them to quit.

So with that intro - let me tell you about 6 am swim practice on Monday, yes I said MONDAY, mornings. You know me - so NOT a morning person. Heck - most know to not approach until at least one can of Diet Coke has been pumped into the veins! So - to do this and of all days a Monday morning when no one wants to get up anyway - is just insane.

Of course - that probably leads me to attest to why I didn't make the first two practices. No excuses made - I just was flat out lazy. Sorry softball girls! But, I figured this Monday I could do it! I mean - it was a Company Holiday and heck I could always go home and nap if it was bad.

So - I got up. But darn it - I wasn't feeling well again. More on that later. But I head out anyway. Of course - they try and sell this practice with it is an outdoor pool heated to 80 degrees. I so wanted to turn around, but kept trying the motto in my head - it is just an hour, not months of chemo.

I went and it sucked. Every second of it. The pool is 50 meters. Now - if I do the sprint version it is 200 meters swim in open waters. Double that for the Olympic version which they SWEAR we will be ready for. If I can't swim 100 meters in a pool - how am I going to finish 200 meters in open waters, or 400 for that matter. Of course - once I learned I was breathing wrong and I was actually causing myself to hyperventilate - well it got a little easier. But - damn I am out of shape.

Of course, the coach that was helping the "slow" swimmers was super nice, encouraging and hard as hell. But don't get me wrong - he also made it very clear I hadn't experienced exhausted yet. Ha!

I'll have to get a picture one of these mornings - very sexy in my goggles & swim cap I tell you! Stay tuned because I am sure this is the only beginning of the tales!

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