Saturday, February 28, 2009


That is all I can say. I mean what else would one expect when you pick on your family about how cold it was in Nebraska yesterday and it was in the 90's here. So what happens today? Well - we have our group cycle meeting at the Veloway at 8 am.

I could hear the wind blowing before I got out of bed. I knew it was suppose to be colder. So I layered. However, no layers could prepare me for 45 minutes of that wind. It wasn't that it was super cold once you got moving. It was 48 degrees. BUT, and I mean a big BUT, the wind was blowing at 28 miles an hour with gusts up to 35. Seriously, there were times that you would come around the curve and it was like hitting a wall. It SUCKED.

I was slow - as normal and just made 3 trips around the park in my 45 minutes. I believe they say it is about a 3 mile track. But - in that wind - it might as been double the time. The good thing about it is that it was early, so I have already got the workout in, ran the errands, and took a nap. Now going to work on the house before I have to head to Lowe's. Got to love a lazy Saturday!

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