Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Mission Run

This morning was our Mission Run for training. What is the Mission run? Well - it is the morning where all the Team and Training Teams gather and honor those we are doing this for, our Honored Hero's, the one's we are remembering and the one's that are currently battling one of the diseases. Right now we have three "teams". One is my team - the triathlon team, one is training for a marathon and the other is training for the biking event around Lake Tahoe.

Unbelievable. I just can't use another word to describe what the morning was like. There was at least 50 of us, probably more - heading out on the "Silent Mile". The first mile we were to run in complete silence in rememberence of the hero's and those that have fallen to the cancer. The bicyclists rode single file at a snails pace while the runs of us jogged along. Everyone was wearing either a green (in honor), white (rememberence) or purple (survivor) ribbon.

I am hoping I get copies of the pictures soon so I can share with you. It was a great reminder why I am doing this and the fact that I don't feel 100% doesn't compare with one of our honoree's who is a young girl in the hospital fighting to get her white blood count up so she can receive more chemo which she desperately needs!

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