Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday Spin

Okay well according to our training schedule - Tuesday is suppose to be my "free" day from training. A day of rest in which I allow my body to recover. However, with that said - RockinAustin has been a motivator and helps keep me accountable. So - with that said - I was up at 5 am (Note: Two days in a row for Jenn) to head to spin class. Again - another morning disappointment for Guinness in that sweats do not equal a walk for her.

Well - I can't say that the snooze button didn't come into play - but it did. I managed to make it to the gym with less than 10 minutes until the class starts. Of course I look at the sign up list to realize there is only two spots left. Thank goodness - RockinAustin would of kicked my butt! She'll even admit she questioned if I was coming. Of course I would of never imagined so many people volunteer to get up so early for such torture!

I had a number of thoughts from this first 5:30 am class. First off - our instructor was trying to tell us she was getting back into shape after having a baby. Let's just say RockinAustin & I shot a look at each other like - WTF? I must look like I am having an elephant if she just had a baby. Secondly, I have come to realize with the dark lights on - I can still be at spin class and maintain a sleep like mode. Next, for those surrounding me that are the screamers & excited to be at spin class and feel the need to shot out - beware - I might bite one of these weeks! Why must you interupt my sleep time? Lastly - I have a new appreciation for woman of the Muslim faith. We had a woman in our spin class following the traditional attire. Now - I am dripping in sweat when I leave that class, I can only imagine doing the class in long pants, long shirt and a head wrap - I don't think I would of survived.

So that folks is another day in training and another early morning for me! I am looking forward to "sleeping in" until 6 tomorrow.

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