Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Game

Well after months of taking a break from dating and the drama it had created in my life, I am officially back in the game!  No offense to the Chef or Copier Man, it just didn't work and to some degree just brought stress to my life.  I just went through a stage of just not wanting to date and want to focus on me.

Then, on Tuesday this week, I hit the low point. The Just a lot of Blah post.  I had a friend email and really life wasn't THAT bad.  It was a feeling at that point on that day that it was THAT bad.  But, everyone has those days.  This blog is my personal journal.  It is my thoughts, it is my feelings, it is just me.  Blah days and all.

So, it just happens that on that blah day, I got an email from a guy that I will name IT guy for now from a dating website .  Even though I wasn't in the best spirits, I emailed him back.  I figured, why not.  We spent the evening emailing back and forth and just seem to be a common connection on different levels.  Wednesday brought more of the same.  I had to leave early because of The Mash test so I gave him my phone number so we could chat about the possibility of meeting up on Thursday.  Well he called Wednesday night and the rest is history, or at least to the point of being back in the world of dating.

He is a really super guy.  We have a lot of similar interests but at the same time we come from different worlds.  I am hopeful that there will be a date two...but only one person knows the answer to that.  Time will tell.

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Rockin Austin said...

Merry Christmas! You hadn't written in so long so I just caught up. Sorry you're having a crappy go of things. You know I'm always here dude. We can even just hang at one of our houses, make dinner and watch tv. I know what you mean about the 'home' is not 'home' anymore. Glad to hear that there is a prospect out there. Miss you!