Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The River

So, anyone that has paid attention to the weather knows that southern Texas is baking. I have given up watering my yard because when you can only water twice a week - you would have to be home all day, every day to give it enough water to survive. I have been watering my plants outside daily and if I would go two days without water - they would be dead guaranteed.

On an odd factor, I had a Saturday off from Lowe's. Yes, no Saturday night closing shift. The beauty is that it happened without me even asking for it off. So, since Copier man and I are dating, I suggested that we tube the Guadalupe River on Saturday. Well, he went a step further and said, let's go camping and tubing. Ok kids, who seriously considers camping when your day time highs are over 100? Reality check please. Never mind camping with someone you are still getting to know. But - I figured what the heck - what a better way to get to know someone.

So, I was able to find someone to cover my Friday night shift at Lowe's and someone to take care of the dogs for the weekend. The only glitch was that I had to be back at Lowe's at 3 on Sunday. Not a big deal.

Of course - our departure was not as smoothed as planned. Copier man got stuck in traffic so he was late getting to my house. He was frustrated because his brother took a bunch of his camping stuff out of his storage unit. But - it was all manageable. We stopped at Cabala's and I picked up an air mattress since I figured when company comes next month - I will need that extra bed and he got a grate for the grill. Onward we went.

We got to the campsite, Rockin R, checked in and found our site. Note - make sure to pack a hammer/mallet. Between the ground being so dry and rocks - Copier man didn't have much luck getting the stakes in the ground. We got things set up and then made a quick run to Walmart so we could have some lightning since it was a no electricity, no running water camp ground with the exception of the main bathroom/shower area.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend despite the weather. We didn't kill each other and had a fabulous time tubing on Saturday and just hanging by the river. We played Domino's and did a lot of talking. The overnight tempatures weren't too bad but Saturday night was probably the worst because it was so humid. We did learn one of the ladies in the campground can party until 5 am Saturday morning but is pretty quiet the next night. We also witnessed the episode of "It wasn't me" in the river with the other girl. Looking forward to doing it again soon! We did have a picture taken on the river so if I get a copy I'll be back to post it.

Couple's Triathlon

I am just going to give this a brief bleep on the radar because that is how much I am trying to forgot this day. Runner has been my faithful training partner on the bike when I was preparing for the Cap Tex Tri. So, when she asked me to do the Couple's Triathlon with her because her husband wouldn't, I just had to. If I only knew then what I knew now. At the time of the yes, I didn't know that my dad would be in Austin for a week. Or that I couldn't get back on the fitness wagon after he left or that I would start dating Copier man.

Yes, the night before the race, I took out my bike for a spin around the block. The first time that I had been on it in over two weeks. UGH! I knew it was going to be miserable and it didn't disappoint.

By the time I crossed the finish line, it had to be close to 100. It was humid and miserable! The swim went okay. It was the longest swim I had done - 800 meters - to date and really didn't finish off my normal pace and didn't have any mishaps with being kicked, etc. Well the transition from the swim to the transition area was LONG and uphill. The bike - well so how I was confused on my time and overall - it sucked. I won't get into how they called this course "rolling hills". I would hate to see a course called "hills". I mean, who survives going down hill, taking a hard right because the road dead ends and then get around the corner to face a HUGE hill. There were many of crashes there and people walking bikes up the hill because they couldn't downshift fast enough. Then the run - well we will just say it was a walk for me. By that point I was so dehydrated to go with the out of shape that I had the chills.

And the crappy results are.......

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Papa Smurf

Well, it is official....my house is FINALLY painted. Okay - so I still need to do the trim work in a couple rooms, but everything else is done. No more waves in the spare bathroom!!! Whooo hoooo. The best part - it was all finished in a week. Yes - 6 days of hard work.

Okay - I was NOT the rock star on this. As some of you know, Papa Smurf has been layed off from Goodyear for a few months now. Now my mom knows that with me working two jobs and doing these triathlons, there hasn't been a lot of time for much of anything else. She mentioned it to my dad that he should come down and paint and he was all in. So, with less than a weeks warning, I was picking my dad up on a Tuesday noon at the Austin airport.

I have a pretty awesome dad! He jumped into projects right away. Since I have moved in, the garbage disposal has never worked. So, with a little work, he and I were able to retrieve 14 nails out of the disposal. There is a 15 that is going to be permanently there but the blades still turn, so it will do. I have become more handy around the house but still don't know what I am doing most of the time. I did manage to put new locks on the house but they needed Dad's touch so the door would seal tight. He also fixed the dishwasher since the water wasn't draining out correctly. That there was all done on day one!!!!

Tuesday afternoon we headed to Lowe's to pick up all the supplies he needed that I didn't have. On Wednesday, I was off to work and he got to work right away. I still had to work both jobs on Wednesday, so it was a pretty lonely day for him. But he got a LOT accomplished. Heck mom even asked me what I was doing to him because he was too busy to talk.

By the end of the trip, he painted the bedroom/office, the second bathroom, the family room, the hallway, the 1/2 bath and the laundry room. A few of those rooms needed some patching and also some primer! He was awesome. He hung blinds in two of the rooms, curtain rods, and new bathroom fixtures!

He did have a little down time too and was able to visit his cousin that lives in Cedar Park. But, most of his trip was hard work and he never complained about it once. On his last night here, I treated him to Pappadeaux's. If you EVER have a chance, I so recommend this Seafood place. It comes with a price but is soooo worth it.

I was so grateful for Papa Smurf's time here and all of his hard work! Once the carpet is in, this house can be called a home! I can't wait to have him here for another visit where he can relax and enjoy himself!

Louella Rose Schmidt 1911 - 2009

Well, it is long over do but I promised to write about Grandma Schmidt.

Grandma Schmidt. Pillar of strength is what comes to mind when I think of her. She was the glue of the family. The family center where everyone went.

She raised seven children and I assure you those five boys were FAR from sainthood. My dad was the baby of the bunch and the only one that was born in a hospital. She helped run the farm with Grandpa. She buried her husband in 1984. She lost a son in 1994 and buried a Great Grandson. You never saw her shed a tear during those times. She lived in the house they bought in Platte Center before Grandpa passed away until she was 96 - on her OWN!

She had a unbelievable faith. You could always call her for a prayer request. I don't ever remember going to her house and not seeing a candle lit but my mom tells me it wasn't always lit. She helped out at the church, whether it was tending to the flowers outside or helping on the inside. Father was always invited to our family functions. I assure you us kids received plenty of lectures from her from what we were watching to what our church habits were.

I wasn't terribly close to Grandma Schmidt - I was Grandma Meedel's favorite. I do feel there was a lot of resentment for many years towards my family because we were the only one of her seven kids that moved away. She softened in the years about it but there are still days that they pick on our family because we are "City Kids". No matter how things were early in my childhood, she did soften through the years and Grandma always had radishes for me for those radish sandwiches when I visited! She taught me not only how to be strong in Faith but how to be a strong Woman.

As Grandma always said at the end of a visit, don't say goodbye....Until I see you again....
This is a picture of bro & Grandma at Christmas 2007.