Friday, April 16, 2010


Honestly – it hasn’t been a world that I have been able to use in some of my dates recently. Usually, I talk to the guy, he seems normal (some don’t even make it that far) and then by the time we meet up, things fall apart. I mean take BB, he seemed normal and then the wheel fell off on the date.

Well, last night was so different. He has been appropriately named by DC as Vanilla. The reasoning? It is normal; it’s plain, but totally delicious. We will see how much this holds true going forward.

We originally were going to meet a week ago this past Wednesday. However, he had a project at work take longer than normal and had to postpone. I was okay with not meeting up with someone after midnight – when he finally wrapped up. He owns his own audio visual company. He sets up conference rooms, workstations and a whole host of other things so, at the end of the day – he puts in the hours he needs to.

I originally was supposed to play softball and then we were going to meet after that. Of course, Mother Nature had better ideas with rain so I was able to get some cleaning done around the house while he wrapped up work. Apparently payroll is important for a Friday.  We met at Baby A’s, a Mexican Restaurant not far from my house. They are known for their margaritas, especially the purple ones. So, of course – we had to have a purple one. (They limit you two if that tells you anything.)

I was nervous given that the previous dates or would be suitors were such train wrecks. However, he was perfectly normal! The guy sitting across the table was really the guy that I have been talking to for the past could of weeks. Chivalry is definitely not dead in Texas.

We had dinner and just talked. Honestly, it didn’t seem like we were there that long but in reality it was close to three hours. He walked me out to the car and we talked for a little longer. I did get the good night kiss but it wasn’t anything bad, groping, awkward. It was very gentleman like.

Will there be a second date between Vanilla and I? I hope so. If this morning is any indication with him calling on the way to work, there will be a date two.

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