Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 10 Reason's I'm Single

So yesterday I met Runner for a bike ride. It had been way too long since we seen each other and way too long for me to be seperated from my bike. But as Runner pointed out, it is great when you have the ability to catch up with a friend and get in a GREAT workout - 14 miles to be exact. Of course, she said I have to blog about this stuff, so here we go.

Dating it today's world - well if you are not having to do it, count your blessings and then count them 500 times more. No longer do you have school to meet guys, I don't care to dip the pen in the ink well at work just because it gets too messy. Bars, well you know that one. So, then there is internet dating. The ability to avoid all honesty - well it is so easy for them and seriously - it brings out the weirdo’s.

10. Chef Man - I feel it is fitting that I start with him first. He was one of the 'normal' ones. Of course we got along great but our opposite hours and having every role reversed probably didn't help. (He liked baths, I prefer showers. He liked movies, I preferred football)

9. Sergeant Drama/Copier Man/NY Man - Plenty of blog time has been given credit to this guy. In a perfect world in normal circumstances, I could of seen this one working. However, that being said - when has it been normal and perfect? He is still in the Army and currently on lock down in San Antonio. When will I hear from him, I don't know.

8. Trouble – T is still around, just as a friend. He works a crazy insane amount and hasn’t really been in Austin since the first of the year. He is going to be in Dallas for the next month if that tells you anything.

7. Vanilla Horndog - Well I haven't blogged about him for awhile and Vanilla still applies but since he is coming out of a divorce, he can't just date one person. He wants to date half of Austin. Apparently on the website we met, he actually messaged one of my friends on that site. He came clean before my friend had a chance to tell me about it and fortunately I am blessed with a great friend that wouldn't date someone I have dated. So, where he and I stand - I don't know - I just don't want to be half of Austin if you know what I mean.

6. 6th Street Guy - this is a flash back to one of my first dates in Austin. This guy - well he thought it would be FUN to go to 6th Street for a second date on a Friday night. Just think 'O' Street times 4 for a second date. Priceless.

5. BB - Babies & Baggage - this guy well you needed Cliff Notes to keep track of his life. The two babies with two different mommas and then two different wives but they weren't both the baby momma's. As one expects - it didn't go past the first date.

4. Childish Games - really this one never got to a face to face and I am so okay with that. See he felt it was childish that I wouldn’t guarantee someone would have sex on the first date. Hmmm, it’s about respect and really at the end of the day – YOU are childish.

3. No name - I never really talked to this guy, just had a message from him but it was enough to warrant the Top 10.  BTW - I deleted the message and just  never responded to it. All you need to know is that he was in an Open relationship and they were looking for a third person.

2. The Ex – enough said there! Of course, I will be closing that chapter here in a few weeks with a new telephone number. So, be on the lookout for that.

1. The Adulterer - Yep that is what he was. After a day chatting with him via Instant Messenger, he says to me, “I have something that I should tell you but I don’t want to scare you away.” Okay – well that translates to "You have to tell me". Yep – in a nutshell – he was married and just was looking for sex cause he didn’t get enough at home. Needless to say – I said pound sand – I’m not interested. Of course, he couldn’t just walk away. I never saw him but he showed up at Lowe’s one night to see me and then sent me a text the next day and say he wouldn’t be interested. Whatever dude, I’m not interested. Of course, he tried to contact me about two weeks later because I don’t think he was finding what he was looking for. Anyway – I told him he was an ass and he never need to contact me again.

So, there you have the Top Ten Reason’s why I am still single! I think we can all agree – I should be single over dating one of any one of those guys.

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Wait... "Ballz" didn't make the list?? LOL!!!!