Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Armadillo, a deer, two dirty diapers,

wind and a ride that kicked my ASS!

First off - I had to work my first Sunday in a very long time at Lowe's. I blame more that the kids had requested off for Spring Break - lucky dogs!!! But it meant that I had to work a 7 1/2 hour shift. At least the good news is that I got to be in lawn and garden which was really busy and made time fly and I got some sun rays while I was at it.

I got off a little after 4 and ran home to change and check on the two dogs since I left them outside while I was at work. Wish I would of took a picture as they were all stretched out on the patio just enjoying the breeze and the shade. Once I got them situated inside and changed - I was out the door and off to Runner's house!

Yes, Runner has been a trooper allowing me to drag her along on these training days. If you read her blog - she says I motivate her. I say she is there to kick my @ss and gives me a reason why not to excuse out of doing it. It was an ALMOST perfect day. It was 85 and sunny. I must enforce ALMOST!!!! It was windy. Like a 15 MPH wind with gusts up to 30 MPH. A Wind Advisory windy day. I would of excused myself out of it had the runner not committed to doing it too!

Well, off we headed. The wind didn't appear too bad. Probably because A) I didn't know any of the above (outside of windy enough to question doing it) and B) when we headed out we had the wind at our backs. The first 10 miles were tough but nothing prepared for the last 10 miles. As soon as we turned around - it was like hitting a brick wall. Never mind the minor rolling hills that we had to conquer too. God so many times I wanted to stop - doing Spicewood Springs one day and 20 miles the next might not of been the best idea I have had recently. I mean, Runner did have her phone and we could just call Trainer to come get us! But, I didn't even ask. Heck - I asked for one stop break that lasted maybe a minute. Other than that - it was just the occassional stop light.

In the end I did it!!! Of course, riding on the shoulder of the road - you have the privledge of seeing all those things on the side of the road - the dead armadillo, the deer ready to blow and two dirty diapers, hence the title. Even better is that Runner has a special gadget on her bike to ensure that I did my hour and half ride my training schedule said I needed. Even better is that this gadget will stop when we stop. Got to love it (insert Jenn's sarcaism here)!!!! In any event, I logged my 20 miles and finished it in 1 hour and 45 minutes. My ASS hurts like no other and my thighs kill like no other - but it is done. Now off to bed.

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Rockin Austin said...

You were rockin that road!! Go Jenn Go!!!