Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Commitment

Yes, you are probably asking yourself by now - is she really committed to doing this? As they say in Minnesota, "You betcha!"

So this week probably wasn't my finest effort for workouts but I am committed, 100% committed and from tomorrow on, there will be no excuses for missing a workout. (Well, unless I come down with that sudden case of pnemonia and I am in the hospital Monday so I don't have to deal with the fall out of the upgrade at work.) Okay, kidding aside, I am committed.

How committed? Well, we can get past the bike that was bought. It is officially a used bike now and that won't be going back. For most of you, you probably don't realize how expensive Road Bike's are. Let's just say that for a entry-level, don't break the bank bike, I still was over $600 (on clearance). The goggles, swim cap, real swimming suit, the bike helmet, the bike shorts (you cannot function without them!) those are the little things.

But there is also the additional race I signed up for. The Rookie which happens on Mother's Day in New Braunfels, TX. They call it the rookie because it is a get your feet wet, prepare for race day race that is much shorter than The Capital of Texas Triathlon. After looking at what is in store for me on the Cap, well this is a rookie by all means. It is a 300 meter swim (that is 6 lengths of an Olympic size pool), 11 mile bike and 2 mile run.

On top of that, I have my first official member of the pit crew signed up for the Capital of Texas Triathlon. My friend DC will be flying in as part of my pit crew and there to take the picture as I cross the finish line. We are both clearly not morning people so I still am interested to see how it pans out with my body markings starting at 5 am. Ha.

So - can you help me out? Can you help Team in Training? Can you help the Leukemia & Lympoma Society with $5 and 5 friends?

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Rockin Austin said...

I'm still with you on the training team and will be there to cheer you on that morning!!