Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Excuses

So the past week has been a giant road bump in the training. Last week we had a major upgrade at work that we had been preparing for since before November. Of course, it went REAL smooth. Okay - not so much. It was a lot of hours at work, not to mention adding a shift to Lowe's in the middle of that. In the first 3 days, I logged 35 hours between the two gigs. Needless to say - there was NO training. Then Anissa stopped by for a visit!!! We had the best intentions of going to spin class Thursday morning and it just didn't happen. But - we did enjoy a nice day together on Thursday - even if it rained.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday I was just beat. Of course - Saturday I headed to Humble, TX to pick up the newest member of our family. I picked up another wheaten puppy from a rescue. The poor little guy was found in a ditch and is blind in one eye. Unfortunately, it was a day spent in a car and when we got back - it was off to Lowe's.

Sunday - I think all I did was sleep. SERIOUSLY. I don't think I moved until 11. Then Guinness and I went for my 35 minute training run. After that I was suppose to meet Runner for a bike ride. Unfortunately I had a jealous dog (Guinness) that thought it was time for a game of cat and mouse. Finnegan did our best and when I was suppose to finally meet Runner for the ride - we finally caught Guinness. Needless to say - no ride for us. Instead - I took a two hour nap!! So - that is the week of excuses....which brings me to this week......

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