Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 2: Where you'd like to be in 10 years

This question reminds me of the standard question that comes in interviews, the one that they fish for the perfect answer of, still working for this company.  LOL

I honestly don't have a true answer, it can't be answered.  That said, I know of  things that I want to accomplish in life, but will they happen in the next ten years? I don't know.  But what I do know is that things happen, life happens in its own time, when the time is right and when it should, they will happen. 

Look at the past five years of my life.  Heck, if you asked me 5 years ago where I would be today - I assure you that living in Texas would not of even been in my vocabulary.  5 years ago I was at the same company for 7 years, had my own softball club with 5 teams, was a Varsity High School coach, had a great core group of friends, was dating a guy I felt was a great guy, I appeared to have it all.  But life happens.  Under the umbrella of Love, I moved with the  Ex to Texas, moved three times, found a job I liked, SURVIVED and exited a relationship that was very abusive, made & continue to make great friends and bought a house. 

So, with that said, some of the things that I want to see happen in my life are (in no particular order):
1.  Find the one, get married
2.  Have a family.  If I end up solo, I will seriously consider foster/adoption around 40.
3.  Be debt free!! (Hopefully outside of school loans & my house, this will happens in the next two years!)
4.  Work just one job! (Again - 2 years worst case scenario!)

With all that said, I live life to the fulliest and realize that today is a gift from God.  He works his magic in his own time and while his time line doesn't always match up with my time line, I know that with Patience and Prayer, things do work out in the end in the way that is best for me!

As for life at the moment, we are back into the full swing of things after a nice vacation!  Lowe's, NFP, house and gym are all staples of my normal routine.  On a brighter note, rumor had last night is that Lowe's is going back to closing at 9 pm and I won't be clocking out at 10:44 pm any more!  Thank heaven because it was going to be a long summer of having my ass kicked because of those late nights.  Hell, today I shut my alarm off and woke up at 6:44.  Ooops.  Obviously I was late and it was out of the norm because the boss man called at 8:30 to see where I was.

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