Friday, December 3, 2010

Rant like no other!

OMG - I am so mad right now, I am spewing fire. Allow me to provide some background. My mom works in a small shop in which there are just two woman that work in there. My mom choose to do WW meetings because she wants the personal interaction with a leader and wants to hear for other people. She needs to the human interaction factor. Now her coworker, she chooses to do things online, has never been to a WW meeting nor has she ever had a leader see her in person. She has lost a HUGE amount of weight on the plan and looks terrible. I have seen pictures and she has lost too much weight. She thinks 100 lbs of weight is healthy on a person her height. Now, that said, I have been a follower of her blog on WW and this morning - I am spitting fire, what she has to say is below and it is taking every ounce of me NOT to comment on her blog because everyone is bashing my mom for what she has to say.

Yesterday at work I was having a pleasant conversation with my co-worker (female) about the new program. She chose to loose 10% of her wgt. and get her "Lifetime" several months ago.

She asked what I am doing online. And as I was trying to cheerfully explain how wonderful this community is, and all the friends I have made. I was cut off by,"I prefer to go to a meeting & interact with REAL people" Ouch..

All week I have been thrown comments like, "You are not eating enough"....29 pts a day after living on way I am not eating enough. Plus she has no idea what I eat.

"You are too skinny" OK everyone has an opinion. But I have my Dr.s OK to go for the 100 lb. star.

"How's your insomnia?"....I wouldn't call it insomnia, I get 8 hrs of sleep a night. But I choose to go to bed early & get up early. Why is that wrong? There is no one here to talk to, I am not big on TV. I make my dinner - clean up, do a couple of routine chores. Come here to read how everyone is doing and to learn more on the site. Then I go to bed, maybe read a book. Yes, it is about 7:30 pm, I fall asleep about 8:00 pm.
Wake up a little before 4:00 am get ready and go to work. I have my coffee & eat my breakfast at work, alone - just like I would be at home. The heat is shut off at night, the building takes time to warm up. I clock in at 6:00 am, before that I check in here, or sometimes work on my own sewing project.

Therefore, "I am not normal"

I am not a fighter, it's just not worth it to me. After so many zings this week, I just need to whine.....

I like to interact with people & friends as much as the next guy. I'll be the 1st to admit I am lonely. But my friends have their families & meals to get in the evening hours. Because my DH is at work I end up odd man out.

I was even told once that she had the REAL type 2 diabetes & I did not. Excuse me? I admit she has more trouble with stabilizing her sugars than I do. But why is mine not real?

Thank you for listening, I am done. It's a new morning - I'm done working for the week. So I will re- focus on the more pleasant things in my life.

Like WI tomorrow, hoping.

My kids will be here in 7 days! I am in "crazy mode" to get all the things done - that I think are important. Poor DH will have to live with a mad woman all weekend as I cook & clean.

Still soda free!
Have a great Friday!

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