Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 6

30 Interesting Things about ME

  1. I have the most amazing group of family & friends that drop anything to help me if it was truly needed.  My extended family is so close that I often consider them more brothers & sisters than cousins.  I feel blessed for them and wish everyone had as awesome of a family as I do.
  2. I use sarcasm to hide my insecurities.
  3. I have two dogs with two distinct personalities.  Guinness (the princess/drama queen) and Finnegan (the wild man/all boy) who are often referred to as Finnegus
  4. I hate working two jobs, but it is a necessity.
  5. I do not have the ability to sit still and staying home for a few days would drive me crazy!!  (Thanks Mom!)
  6. I still miss and think about my Grammy (maternal Grandma) often!
  7. I do not like rice and will say I don't like certain foods versus trying to explain why.
  8. I do not see myself as pretty or beautiful but more of a plain Jane.
  9. I have entirely too mucy crap.  (I really am working on purging!)
  10. I am an Aunt to two and hope that one day the one knows how amazing I am like the other does.  (Some point CBM has to get her act together.)
  11. I plan on starting a family of my own at 40 whether through adoption or other means if I am still solo.
  12. Diet Coke is an addiction of mine.
  13. I am NOT a morning person and would much rather stay up late but can't sleep past 8 anymore.  Just wait until 9 to talk to me.  :)
  14. I feel embarassed if someone stops over and my house is less than perfect.  (I think I got this from my mom & grammy!)
  15. I still doubt that I was good at softball.
  16. I own a Jeep Patriot and absolutely loathe that car.  I think it is more because it is bare bones of everything (manual windows, locks, etc) and represents my connection to the Ex.  He walked away with nothing and I walked away with all the debt.
  17. I have considered bankruptcy.
  18. I still watch One Tree Hill.
  19. I have a revolving To Do List that I have on me at all times.  It is everything from weekly work outs to things I need to do at some point.
  20. I gave up cable and do not miss it at all.  (That is until Football comes around!)
  21. I love College Football and would be happy watching it all day.
  22. I was raised to work hard for what I want and have no fears doing so.
  23. When it comes to the panhandlers on the side of the road part of me feels guilty and looks the other way, while the other part wants to hold up a sign that says I work two jobs to keep my home, if you have the time to sit here with your hand out, you have the time to find a job or two.
  24. I don't get people that say I don't have money and need government help to feed their familes and provide medical care but can afford their Smart Phones & fake nails and everything else.  I do not respect these people and think they should be booted out of the system until their priorities are realigned.
  25. My current credit card debt exceeds the National Average but with hard work, it will be completely erased in the next two years.
  26. I have had seven surgies in my life with alll but one occurring between 1991 - 2001
  27. I worry about my future.
  28. I would love to vacation to all 50 states in my life and camp in as many of them as possible.
  29. My favorite vacation was spending a month camping in California, Arizona & Mexico.  I wish I could re-do that vacation/class!
  30. I wouldn't change my decision to move to Texas if I had to do it all over again!  I just wish more family & friends missed me enough to visit instead of asking when I am coming to see them. 
  31. (Only because I needed one more) I am grateful for moving to Texas and getting to know Big Country and his family more than I did.  I truly feel they are my brother & sister here in Texas! 
  32. (Because I can't count)I would love to have short hair but my hair grows to fast to be able to maintain it short. That said, I know I do envoke Hair Envy because I do have awesome!  (Thank you dad for those great genes!

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